Hello! My name is PB.
What would you like to know?


Maybe I can make a good first impression, I think

Graphic Designer

Logos, calling cards, posters, call it and name it; I can {most likely} do it!


This all started from writing poems to book reviews. Now, I’ve written articles for lifestyle-related platforms.


I think I only feel the need to put this out there to save myself from any awkward encounters in real life.


Here's a story about me and what I can do
The world is your oyster, even if you're allergic to seafood

Hello! My name is Pauline Bernadette S. Hermoso, PB for short. You could also call me by my fancy nickname (that my parents prefer): Phoebe. Above all things, I love graphic design and music.

At an early age, I've decided to sell my soul to the world of all things aesthetically appealing (with a nice tune to match).

  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Photo
  • Features Writing



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